Ghost (ghostscandance) wrote in oblivion_tales,

Breaking and Entering

'Lo all. I'm new to the community and seeing as I have no where else to put it I offer up to you a short-as-hell ficlet with some mild, mild, extremely mild, slashy content because Martin needs some borderline-psychotic luvins.

Warnings: slight slashy non-con content.
Disclaimer: Oblivion and the Elder Scrolls series are owned by Bethesda Softworks.
Pairing: male OC/Martin
Author: Liquid Latex
Summary: One who is kissed by the Dam Dog explains the truth behind all trades.


“You see, as much as people of my profession try to sugarcoat or blacken the facts, in the end we’re all thieves. For example: assassins steal lives, bards snare your attention, and agents, well, no facet of your personal life is safe once we’re on your trail. So, you see, a thief-thief is just a person who limits himself to only taking things he can touch with the hands. Likewise, anyone else that claims they aren’t a thief is completely blind towards the ways of life.”

Martin could only stare as the state of catatonic paralysis wormed its way up his legs and into his spine, a dull greenish mist coating his robes and hair. “I guess the question in your head now is what am I going to take... Your life, your station, or maybe something of greater value...?”

By then the priest was twitching irregularly, shrugging the spell off through shear force of will as the shadowed figure encroached upon his personal space and rested its hands on the cotton of his robe, dangerously near his hips.

“You shouldn’t fear me. I can no longer take from you,” The kiss came then, firm, but distinctively undemanding, “because you stole me long before I knew you did.”
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